NHL Playoff Week 1 Recap

Every Wednesday during the NHL playoffs, I will recap the past week of action. Here is what things are looking like:


Pacific- (1) Vegas  beats  (WC1) Los Angeles   4-0

Series Schedule: Game 1 (Apr 11) LAK 0 VGK 1; Game 2 (Apr 13) LAK 1 VGK 2
2 OT; Game 3 (Apr 15) VGK 3 LAK 2; Game 4 (Apr 17) VGK 1 LAK 0
Series MVP: Marc Andre Fleury (VGK)

Summary: This was Marc Andre Fleury’s series. Despite not getting too much offense going, Vegas won all 4 games by 1 goal thanks to Fleury. Fleury posted a .977 save percentage along with a 0.65 GAA during 2 shutouts in his 4 games. LA had chances but they were no match for Fleury and Vegas’s offense scored when they needed it.


Metropolitan- (1) Washington 1 vs (WC1) Columbus 2

This series has been crazy. All 3 games have exceeded 60 minutes. After Columbus won 2 games at the Capital One Arena, Lars Eller won the game in double overtime for the Capitals in Game 3. This series will be very fun to watch as it will start getting nasty soon and I think it will last 7 games with plenty more overtime too.

Metropolitan- (2) Pittsburgh 2  vs (3) Philadelphia 1

Now this series is the complete opposite of the other metro series. All 3 games have been settled with a goal difference in each of them of 4 or more goals. The battle of Pennsylvania is very offensively entertaining. I just wish we could see closer games because overtime would be a blast.

Atlantic- (1) Tampa Bay 2  vs (WC2) New Jersey  1

Cory Schneider is back. After a hot streak, Keith Kinkaid has seemed to fizzle out and Schneider returned to his rightful spot as the starter in Game 3. This series is also a little strange as the winners of all 3 games have each had 5 goals. If Tampa can contain Taylor Hall, this series will be over quickly.

Atlantic- (2) Boston 2 vs (3) Toronto 1

This series has been a little disappointing. I expected more offense from Toronto. Toronto has been decent on offense but atrocious on defense. The Bruins have scored goals in bucketfulls with David Pastranak leading the way. Brad Marchand is up to his old antics like french kissing Komarov but other than that, the series has been okay.

Central- (1) Nashville 2 vs (WC2) Colorado 1

Colorado won a game and the Denver Post thinks that the Predators have already been eliminated. That’s a long story. Nashville’s strong defense and Colorado’s solid offense have been a good battle. To be honest I can’t say much of this series as I haven’t been focusing on it too much.

Central- (2) Winnipeg 3 vs (3) Minnesota 1

Minnesota won game 3 but it came at a cost. They lost Zach Parise to a long term injury. The Jets have the wild on the ropes. The young Jets are beating the veteran Wild. This one will wrap up soon.

Pacific- (2) Anaheim 0  vs (3) San Jose 3

The Ducks are disappointing me especially since I had them going all the way to the conference finals in my bracket challenge.