Welcome to The Puck Under the Sun. Founded in April 2016 by 12 year old founder Superk116, this Florida Panthers blog has become one of the best opinionated sites when regarding the Florida Panthers. However in March 2018, The Puck Under the Sun transformed from not only covering just the Panthers but both the Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning.


Superk116- The founder of the site, Superk116 has grown into a dynamic writing talent. A Panthers superfan since the age of 5, the 14 year old has spent two thirds of his life following the Panthers. He created this site to share his love of the Panthers with you. Under him the site has seen huge growth amassing over 8,000 hits in 2 years. He has also grown the site’s twitter account into a unique type of account. Instead of just a boring blog twitter, the Puck Under the Sun twitter has developed into basically a personal/blog account which is very unique. As of today he has grown the twitter account to 345 followers. Follow him there at @sun_puck.

AlexMesaSports- Meeting through a mutual follower in a fantasy football league, Alex and Superk have become good friends. Alex first joined the site in October of 2017. However he left the site to take a brief break in February 2018. Alex was a Lightning fan at birth however he decided to spend a year rooting for the Panthers. However he decided to go back to the Lightning. He rejoined the site after a mutual agreement between him and Superk116 was reached to cover both teams

Alejandro Diaz- Our newest writer is Alejandro Diaz. Alejandro has created his own specialized algorithm for power rankings and he will handle the power rankings for the future. He joined the site in 2019.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Is there any way that I can post a blog on your website. I am a huge Panthers fan since I was 4 and now I am 14. I post podcasts on all South Florida posts and I would love to be a podcaster on The Puck Under the Sun!


      1. I think you would have to make youtube vids or something and post the link to here. My plan doesn’t cover vids and it is too expensive to get the plan.


    1. Sorry I just saw this now. Welcome aboard. You will have the role of contributor which means that your stuff will have to be approved by me. What is your twitter.


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