Goodbye Panthers Fans (Alex’s Final Post)

Panthers fans reading this article. I haven’t been writing here long and the publicity of my articles has grown drastically and I appreciate each and every one of you. But it is  now the time where I saw goodbye to writing about the Florida Panthers and focus my future on the NBA and NFL. Being a Panthers fan is amazing as I will continue to be one because you don’t expect a South Florida Sunny everyday city too love the sport of hockey as we do. Panthers might not make the playoffs this season and the BB&T Center might be half full most nights. But it’s all part of the process because every good team has to start somewhere because once we begin to succeed there won’t be a single open seat on a Friday night rivalry game and we eventually all rise at once.

Writing here on this very website has meant a lot to me but my fading interest in hockey has not brought top quality to my articles and I don’t want to stop the success of an amazing website and an amazing writer. So I would like to announce my resignation from The Puck Under The Sun.

I’m not giving up for I am not the person who doesn’t finish something I’ve started but I’d like to step back from the sport of Hockey. This isn’t necessarily goodbye as I would like to invite you all to watch me and support me through my journey and career as a sports writer on and my Twitter is @KingMesaSports I love all you Panthers fans and would love to stay connected.

Thanks fro all your support,

Alex Mesa signing off one last time