Do or Die

The Florida Panthers have won 6 of their last 7. However those 7 teams were not in the playoffs at that time. In the next 7 games the Panthers have to face teams currently in the postseason: Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto (x2), Washington, Pittsburgh and New Jersey. How do we stack up aganist the current playoff and non playoff teams.

Playoffs: 13-13-1

Non Playoff: 12-9-6

As you can see, it is about even. It doesn’t really matter. The Panthers are randomly stacked. The OTLs are what make the big difference. After these next 10 games, the Panthers have a relatively easy stretch. However this is the point in the season when we see who is pretenders or contenders (credit to @ChrisAGrega on twitter for that saying). It is very difficult to predict the rest of the year. However we need to win and if we keep winning, we may have a shot.