Panthers Goalie Situation

Both Roberto Luongo and James Reimer are back healthy and ready to go for the Panthers. But after all the injuries that Luongo has gone through you have to ask the question whether or not the Panthers will stick with switching goalies every other game or will they stick with Luongo permanently at goalie. You also got to consider with the way Harri Sateri  played in his NHL stint is there a possibility that they could deal Luongo at the deadline. So many questions that will be answered in such a short amount of time with the trade deadline coming up on the 26th.

I as a fan of the Florida Panthers would like to see the the Panthers deal Luongo at the deadline, even though the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. I’m not a big  Roberto Luongo fan because I just do not like him as our starter when we have so much potential behind him. Also with that being said we haven’t even seen Montembeault’s skill at the NHL level.

There are plenty of options and we will see what will happen with time but it should be a pretty crazy deadline as the Florida Panthers push for that final playoff spot that I pray to god that we can get because man I just want us to win a Stanley Cup just once.

Alex Mesa