Clarifying my controversial tweet #1

Note: I will be starting a series in case I tweet something controversial and I get a lot of backlash. This is the first one.

So, last night Roberto Luongo suffered a lower body injury. It appeared to be his groin or hip, which would be a big problem for the 38 year old, as he has been consistently struggling with hip issues. He is undergoing an MRI today. Now I tweeted this (This isn’t exact as I can’t access my twitter on school computers so I’ll paraphrase)

“I hate to say this but I think Luongo’s career is over”- @sun_puck

Now I got a lot of backlash as obviously I’m 13 years old with no medical degree and I have never been interested in the medical field in the slightest. The only medical experience I have is from watching The Good Doctor (Great Show by the way). I assumed that people would just pass over my tweet, but nevertheless people decided to point out the obvious. I have no medical experience. So I decided to present why I tweeted that tweet and my thoughts. I thought it be easier for me to write on my site instead of using 280 characters.

Now when I saw him go down, he was in a lot of pain. He couldn’t put any weight on his right foot. I also saw it was in the thigh area. A groin injury is impossible for goalies to play through. Goalies have to wait until it heals. That looked like a severe groin injury. It looked like he tore apart one side of his body. I don’t think he broke a bone, but he definitely suffered damage to some muscle. I tweeted it because I assumed that he would not be able to play at that elite level again. I didn’t mean when I said that tweet that he had to retire. I was just saying that I thought he wasn’t going to play at an elite level.

Thanks for 7,500 hits. Let’s get to 10,000 before this year is out. It is a difficult mission but I am confident we can pull this off!