Huberdeau has been struggling recently

On November 14, Jonathan Huberdeau was tossed around like a rag doll by the Dallas Stars. Although he still scored two goals, Huberdeau has looked a bit less aggressive since that game. Many speculate he is hurt, as he had missed several shifts that game. After that game, Huberdeau went pointless in four straight games before recording an assist against Chicago. Florida’s point leader is currently the only player on the team averaging a point per game with 26 points in 26 games. Aside from a 3 point effort aganist the Rangers, he has looked sluggish and hurt. The problem is if Huberdeau isn’t scoring he isn’t doing anything else. He isn’t as skilled defensively as Aleksander Barkov. He isn’t using his body to check people. He is kind of lollygagging out there. Hopefully he isn’t injured, but the Panthers need Huberdeau more than ever, especially with Dadonov out for a while. I am unsure if he is hurt, if it’s Dadonov out or just a slump but this is a little concerning. Huberdeau needs to start putting points on the board. I think he is going through a nagging injury but just keeps pushing through it. Hopefully he doesn’t need to take time off but if the injury is serious, I’d rather have him and Dadonov sidelined at the same time rather than Dadonov coming back and Huby instantly getting hurt.