Florida Panthers Mythbusters: 2016-17 Edition

In this Mythbusters about the Panthers I will be exploring things people say about the Panthers that aren’t true. Let’s get started.

The Panthers are a lot softer than last year physically.

False. This year the Panthers rank 15th in hits. Last year we finished 16th in hits. Sure these hits this year aren’t bone crushing like the ones Gudbranson did but they are effective.

The Panthers purposefully made Gallant wait for a cab.

Wrong. They offered him a car because they were going to call him a car service but he wanted to take a cab.

The Panthers traded away all of their good defensemen and brought in bad replacements.

False. Mark Pysyk is out playing Dmitry Kulikov and although Jared McCann hasn’t made an impact in the pros, we got two draft picks out of that trade- Mascherin and Ang who are lighting up the OHL.

Derek MacKenzie is going to be traded

I can’t tell the future but I would bet we aren’t getting rid of him. He is a consistent player who plays well defensively and physically who also has great leadership skills. In my opinion, he is one of the best fourth-line role guys in the NHL.

Tom Rowe has no NHL experience 

False. He played a few seasons in the NHL and was the first American to score 30+ goals in the NHL.

Dale Tallon has no say in management

Tallon is actually in charge of the General Managers, at his role of President of Hockey Ops. He is also going to be working with Werier and Joyce as acting GMs while Rowe coaches.