I invented a new advanced hockey stat

For the past 6 weeks, I have been doing a lot of research on advanced statistics in hockey. I have tried to invent my own advanced stat to no avail. That was before today.  I had my breakthrough when I realized that advanced stats put very little focus on goals. That is an extremely serious problem for teams trying to build around these advanced stats. So I have come up with an advanced stat that combines goals and shots. Introducing Sheldon:

Key: Goals For (GF); Goals Aganist (GA); Shots For (SF); Shots Aganist (SA); Missed Shots For (MF); Missed Shots Aganist (MA); Blocked Shots For (BF); Blocked Shots Against (BF)

This is the formula for Sheldon:

{ (GF/SF) + [ (MF + BA)/SF ] + [ (BF + MA)/SA ] }  –   { (GA/SA) + [ (MA -BF)/SA ] +                 [ (BA + MF)/SF ] }

This formula is mainly based towards teams but it could also be used for individual players. It gives goals a say in calculating advanced stats. Here is a set of numbers for a team:

GF: 3  SF: 36  MF: 21 BF: 10  GA: 2 SA: 37 MA: 13 BA: 9

[(0.083) + (0.083) + (0.084)] – [(0.054) + (0.081) + (0.083)]

(0.25) – (0.218)

0.032 Sheldon

It is a reliable method for calculating advanced stats. I don’t think Corsi is reliable. In my opinion, Sheldon is the future of hockey stats.

I came up with the name because it was the first good name for an advanced stat that came into my head.



16 thoughts on “I invented a new advanced hockey stat

  1. Explain what we are learning from this stat. Other than a crazy scientist on the Big Bang Theory, what is a Sheldon. What is good Sheldon and what is bad Sheldon? Do you foresee this as a game stat or a season stat? Looking forward to hearing more about this.


    1. Corsi can be used as both and its similar to that. It’s my final week of the semester and over the 3 day NHL holiday freeze I will try and get a chance to crunch the numbers. I think it works better as a game by game stat because you can average it all out over the course of the year. I was thinking of an individual stat and I thought it was crazy. A lot of NHL advanced stats and analytics miss the purpose of goals. This includes goals.

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      1. looking forward to it. go one game at a time. I’m sure the teams use a team of stats guys to come up with their stuff and you’re coming up with something new.


  2. I have made a similar stat called Team Value+, but instead of comparing Goals to shots, I compared individual goals to the team’s goals


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