Sunday Random Topic #3: Should we be worried about Trocheck

It’s June 26th and Vincent Trocheck still has not signed with the Panthers. Should we be worried? No. Hopefully this will calm many fans my self included on why we shouldn’t be worried.

Firate of all, Huberdeau’s negotiations went to September last year. Now if we can’t get him on a contract he likes, we will end up in arbitration and Huby had a rough start last year. I don’t see Trocheck going all the way to September. I think he will be signed soon.

Second of all, he is a restricted free agent. That means we retain his rights. If anyone wants to try and sign him we can match their offer. I play enough GM mode on the NHL video game series to know what happens. We have to give him a qualifying offer and sign him. He is a vital part of the team.

Third of all, its only June. We have until Friday when Free Agency Frenzy starts. I think hat Trocheck news will break in the next couple of days.

What do you think? Should we be worried or not? Please comment and rate this article.