Florida Panthers Class of 2016


This is the Florida Panthers Draft Class of 2016.

1 (23)  Henrik Borgstrom- He plays like Barkov and has a very good attitude. However he was projected to go in the 2nd round and had no highlights.

Grade: C+

2 (38) Adam Mascherin- My favorite pick. I think he is a steal. He has a great shot. He is a sniper and he has plenty of highlights. Only problem is that he can’t skate.

Grade: A+

3 (89) Linus Nassen-  The first defender pick, Nassen did well with Lulea’s Junior team but in 10 games in the SHL he went scoreless.  I think he is a good pick but I can’t find enough info to make an accurate judgement.

Grade: Between a B- and C+

4 (94) Jonathan Ang- Ang had 49 points in 68 games for Peterborough and 9 points in 7 playoff games. He is a Center/ Winger. I think Ang is going to be the late round gem of this draft. I think he will become a Panther soon and will do a great job for years to come. He might be the next Vincent Trocheck of the Panthers (Trocheck was a 3rd rounder in 2011) . We will see.

Grade: A

4 (114) Riley Stillman- The son of former Panther Cory Stillman, Riley is a defender. He had 5 goals and 21 points. He posted a -5. I think he will do good since he grew up with a father who played hockey and he played with Jakob Chychurn with the Florida Junior Panthers. I’m not sure if Stillman will make the NHL but we never know he might.

Grade: C

6 (175) Maxim Mamin- Mamin is a winger. He only put up 7 points in 48 games but he played in the KHL. He is also 21 years old. I think he will have to have a great season in the KHL to make the NHL. I think if/ when he arrives in the NHL he will be prepared.

Grade: Between a B- and C+

7 (195) Benjamin Finklestein- After looking at this kid’s stats I’m very suprised he didn’t get picked in the early rounds. He averaged 2 points per game in high school. I think this was one of our better picks in this draft. I will have to see how he will do in the NCAA though.

Grade: A

Overall Right After Draft Grade: B-

We got some good steals such as Finklestein, Mascherin and Ang but the others I’m not sure of. I think all of them are pretty good but I’m not going to give it an A. I think it gets a B-. All of these guys are character guys. We will have to see. I will regrade the class at Christmastime where we will have more information. I think all of these guys have the potential to make the NHL. Make sure to comment if you disagree or agree. Thanks for reading.