Round Table Discussion 2: June 26, 2016

Superk116: Welcome to the 2nd round table discussion. Kinggreg121 is back. Today we have a lot to discuss. Let’s get started right away with the Kulikov trade. The Panthers traded Dmitry Kulikov to the Buffalo Sabers along with the 33rd overall pick (Ramsus Asplund) in exchange for Mark Pysyk, the 38th overall pick (Adam Mascherin) and the 89th overall pick (Linus Nassen). What do you think about the trade? Was it good or bad?

Kinggreg121: Mark Pysyk better be a very good defender. Otherwise we got the worst of the trade. Rumors had it Boston offered us more for Kulikov. I hope we did not miss the boat on a better trade.

Superk116: On paper Pysyk is better because the analytics are really in his favor. I think Mascherin was a better pick than what Buffalo got in Asplund and we added Nassen as a bonus. Pysyk had 11 points, 1 goal in 55 games last year.

Kinggreg121: It will be interesting to see how well the locker room develops after a great locker room has been disrupted with new players. Analytics doesn’t take character into consideration.

Superk116: How do you project the defense pairs next year. My guess is Ekblad/Yandle, Matheson/McCoshen and Petrovic/Pysyk with ethier Kampfer or Kindl as the 7th defender. What do you think?

Kinggreg121: I would agree.

Superk116: Lets continue on with talking about Yandle. He signed a 7 year $6.35 million contract. A lot of Panthers fans think he is getting overpaid. Do you think he is getting overpaid?

Kinggreg121: If our Powerplay improves dramatically then his price was worth it. Too early to answer that question because it was such a big need for us.

Superk116: I like it. The signing was great in my opinion. He has put up 40+ points in 7 out of 8 seasons played in the NHL. If he plays with Ekbald next year, expect Ekblad to have 20 goals or more. Next question. The Panthers made a controversial pick in the 1st round picking Henrik Borgstrom who was projected to go in the second round. What are your thoughts?

Kinggreg121: I do not think the Borgstrom pick was based on analytics. I was suprised they picked a center. Hopefully he pans out to be as good as our other two Finns.

Superk116: Intially I didn’t like it. After cooling off I realized the draft is always a guessing game. You never know how these young men will turn out. For all we know Borgstrom could be an Allstar for many years and Auston Matthews might be a bust we don’t know. That’s why I like the draft. I’m going to wait to see how he develops at the University of Denver before picking my side. Do you agree on that?

Kinggreg121: Yes

Superk116: I hated that the Panthers fired Dave Zenobi and the equipment managers. Zenobi saved a man’s life! Why the heck was he fired? This in my opinion has been the worst by far move by the Panthers this offseason. Do you agree?

Kinggreg121: I feel that continuity amongst employees and an organization should not be disturbed unless there is good reason. I do not see any good reason for firing the equipment managers and Zenobi.

Superk116: How do you feel about the Grimaldi trade?

Kinggreg121: I have no problem with the Grimaldi trade and that he had his opportunities to succeed but they didn’t work out.

Superk116: Agreed. Final Question. Do Panthers fans have a good reason to be going nuts on Twitter over these moves?

Kinggreg121: They have a good reason to because there have been so many changes involved following our best regular season in history.

Superk116: I agree that they have a good reason to complain but they should wait until after the first ten games to make a judgement. Thanks for talking.

Kinggreg121: Your welcome.