Everyone Calm Down

Dear Florida Panthers Fans,

CALM DOWN! You guys are acting like these decisions have made us get a horrible record in 2016-17 when 2016-17 hasn’t even started yet! You don’t know how these moves could work out. For all you know we could win the Presidents Trophy and Stanley Cup and McCann might win MVP and Yandle or Pysyk could win the Norris. Then you guys would be sorry you ever doubted us. Everyone has to calm down and wait for October. If we get off to a horrible start then you can bash all you want but if we get off to a great start you will feel sorry. You should calm down and wait! Keep a level head. As someone made a joke this morning on Twitrer and I quote ‘The Panthers ownership couldn’t trade in a car without people losing their minds’. This is how crazy you guys are. Please calm down!