State of the Panthers: Top 5 Forwards to Target in Free Agency

I did a rundown in the previous State of the Panthers about our Forward Situation. Here are the Too 5 Free Agent Forwards we should target:

5. Jamie McGinn: McGinn had 39 points this year. I think he would do well with the Panthers.

4. Radim Vrbata: Another player from Vancouver I think Vrbata would help McCann transition here as Vrbata is older and I think he could help Bjugstad.

3. Loui Eriksson: Eriksson had a huge year with 63 points. I think he would do well as a leader and as a scorer here in Florida.

2. Steven Stamkos: We need a sniper and Stamkos is a valuable sniper. Stamkos can score from anywhere. We’d have to put him on the second or third line but if he comes here it will be for a hefty price and we will need some good passers to play with him. Plus he is used to the heat down here in Florida.

  1. Kyle Okposo: I think Okposo will be the guy we will try and get. He has always done well aganist us. He will be a valuable player with Bjugstad and McCann. Okposo did well with Tavares and when we play Tavares he can tell Tavares’s weakness to Barkov and Barkov can take advantage of that.