My rant on the South Florida Media

Dear South Florida Sports Radio,

I am so sick of listening to you talk about the Dolphins, Heat and the NBA. I would listen to FM but I’m not a big music fan. For once for just one day can you please talk about the Florida Panthers. The Panthers are good now. I hate listening to the same garbage about the Dolphins or Heat or LeBron James. No one cares about LeBron down here anymore. He’s gone. I’m sure many Panthers fans would love to listen to Panthers news. The Dolphins aren’t any good nor or the Marlins. The Heat are good but can you please not talk about them all the time. You are one of the reasons why people barely pay attention to the Panthers and call them a waste. And to Panthers fans out there please call in to discuss the Panthers. I think that is the only way they will talk about the Panthers. I’m so sick of hearing about the NFL and NBA. For just like 4-6 hours a week on the radio maybe 3-5 during the offseason can you please talk about the Panthers. They have tons of talent. Panthers fans if you agree with me please comment below.


The Puck Under the Sun