Game 6 Recap: @ NY Islanders

Florida 1         NY Islanders 2                 2OT

Islanders win series 4-2

Well this was a heartbreaker. You blow a lead in the final minute and then Tavares jukes out your goalie in OT goes behind the net and scores. Well it was kind of our fault but it was around 80% the STUPID REFS FAULT! Smith and Trocheck were tripped up in the offensive zone so they couldn’t get back to pick up Tavares. And the  Islanders kept doing what should be penalties and OT and the refs just stood there. Scouting the Refs if you are reading this you better go tell those sorry officials of yours to go take a hike to put it in a nice way. But you also can’t blow a lead in the final minutes. Huberdeau had the lone goal and Tavares the two for the Islanders. Check in on Wednesday for my rant about the officials. Thank you Panthers for a great year but next year if you make the playoffs please get past the first round.