Keys to Game 6

On the brink of elimination these are the keys to Game 6:

  1. Score an early goal: The Barclays Center will likely be rocking tonight and the best way to calm that is to get an early goal.
  2. Don’t let the Islanders get an early goal: The Barclays Center will be rocking and it will be more tense if the Islanders score an early goal
  3. Try not to take or draw penalties: Here is one thing for certain our special teams suck. Don’t draw a penalty because we suck on the Powerplay. We only have 2 Powerplay goals in this series Also our PK hasn’t been good.
  4. Take some quality shots: Shooting is not about quantity but about quality. We need quality shots. It doesn’t matter if you take 50 SOG and all of them are crappy and you get no goals. Heck you could have 12 SOG and all are quality and have like 4 goals.
  5. Continue to shut down Tavares: On Friday night-Saturday morning John Tavares had no points for the first time in the series. Keep that up.