Trade Reviews: Hutchinson and Petrovic

The Panthers made a couple of trades this weekend and I will review them.

Panthers trade Michael Hutchinson to Toronto for a 5th Rounder

Okay now this deal I think is a win for both teams. This gives Sam Montembeault a chance to emerge as a true number 1 goalie in Springfield and continue his development. Montembeault is likely to join the team sometime within the next couple of years as he continues his development. Hutchinson helps the Leafs relieve their depleted goalie depth. A 5th is a decent return as Hutchinson does have a .839 NHL save percentage this season. Grade: C

Why this Grade?: Montembeault is still a young goalie and I am not 100% sure that he is ready if injuries happen. The Panthers also don’t have any other minor league goalies under contract. Chris Drediger is on an AHL deal and Evan Cowley is no longer with the organization. Ryan Bednard is still in college. I’m honestly not sure.

Panthers trade Alex Petrovic to Edmonton for Chris Wideman and a 3rd Round Pick

On Sunday, the Panthers traded Defenseman Alex Petrovic to his hometown Edmonton Oilers in exchange for Defenseman Chris Wideman and a 2019 conditional 3rd round pick. The Oilers have their own and the Islanders 2019 3rd rounder. Whoever finishes worse will get a higher 3rd rounder and the Panthers will get the higher 3rd round pick. Petrovic has been with the organization since Dale Tallon drafted him in 2010 but has never panned out. Chris Wideman like his former/new teammate Mike Hoffman left Ottawa in a swirl of controversy. Wideman and Petro are relatively similar in age and playing style making it a balanced trade. What throws the scales off are the Panthers getting a 3rd rounder. Grade: A-