NHL Weekly Playoff Review 2018 Week 4

Welp we have a lot to discuss. The Vegas Golden Knights are in the western conference finals. Tonight the Jets and Predators series will come to a close. In the east, the Lightning and surprisingly the Capitals will face off. Here are my thoughts:

I’m happy for the Capitals. Alex Ovechkin is a true talent and he deserves this. Lots of people were getting sick of the Penguins and I’m glad there is more variety now. However Tampa is no pushover. While the Forward stars of Ovechkin, Kuznetsov and Backstrom are even against Stamkos and Kucherov both teams have strong forward depth. Washington features guys like TJ Oshie, Jakub Vrana and Tom Wilson will be coming off his suspension. However Tampa counters that with Bradyen Point, Ondrej Palat, JT Miller, Tyler Johnson and more. The defense advantage goes to Tampa as Hedman, McDounagh and Sergachev are all better than Washington’s D led by Karlsson. Holtby and Vasilevsky will be a fun matchup. You have a veteran against a young solid goalie. This is Tampa’s year in the east.

In the west the winner of tonight’s battle will be the cup finalist. If Nashville wins, they win the cup, if the Jets win, the Lightning win the cup. Vegas had a great year but Nashville’s defense should be able to stop Vegas’s offense and the Jets offense will outperform the Golden Knights offense.