Panthers alternating Luongo and Reimer at net

The Florida Panthers so far this season have been playing goalies Roberto Luongo and James Reimer every other game possibly to rest up. This is an idea that will suit the Panthers well as the majority of the teams that did this sort of things made the playoffs and that is exactly where the Panthers are trying to go. Both goalies have played ok in net so far. Roberto Luongo, 38 has played 2 games this year is 1-1 and has allowed 6 goals which is alot for 2 games but had a bad 4 goal game then bounced back while only allowing 2 against an oustanding St Louis Blues team. While on the other hand James Reimer, 29 is also 1-1  but has let up 8 goals 4 against the Lightning and 4 against the Penguins though there is optimism for a very hardworking and determined player like James Reimer. James also could be the future goalie of the franchise when Luongo decides to retire from hockey.

Alex Mesa, 14 “The New Kid”