Panthers need a healthy Huberdeau and Barkov to succeed

Last year the Panthers missed top line forwards Jonathan Huberdeau (51 games) and Sasha Barkov (21 games). Huberdeau had 26 points which was 9th on the time and Barkov’s 52 points were 2nd on the team. Both weren’t even at 100% last year. Now I want to take a look at the chemistry between these two. They both play with Jagr but I’m curious how these two would do along a different right wing.

Barkov Total Stats: 61 GP; 21-31-52 (0.85)

Barkov without Huberdeau: 36 GP; 9-19-28 (0.78 PPG)

Barkov with Huberdeau: 25 GP; 12-13-25 (1 PPG)

With #11, Barkov was a point per game player. Without him, Barkov’s goal totals suffered. Notice there is a 11 game difference and only a 3 point difference. Now I want to take a look at these two’s winger Jaromir Jagr

Jagr Total: 82 GP; 16-30-46 (0.56)

Jagr without Huberdeau/Barkov: 15 GP; 3-5-8 (0.53)

Jagr with just Barkov: 36 GP; 6-15-21 (0.58)

Jagr with just Huberdeau: 6 GP; 1-3-4 (0.67)

Jagr with both Huberdeau/Barkov: 25 GP; 5-7-12 (0.48)

If you look closely, Jagr played the 2nd most games with both linemates and had the worst points per game output.

Huberdeau Total: 31 GP; 10-16-26 (0.84)

With Barkov: 25 GP; 8-15-23 (0.92)

Without Barkov: 6 GP; 2-1-3 (0.5)

One thing that confuses me is that people say 16/68 have the best chemistry of these 3. In my opinion, Huberdeau and Barkov have the best chemistry.


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