The NHL needs to edit the tiebreaker

Today, I was looking at last year’s standings. The Red Wings and Bruins had the same amount of points but Detroit was the only one to make the playoffs. While Boston had more wins, Detroit had more wins in regulation or overtime. In my opinion, Boston should’ve made it because I think total wins should go before ROW. Here is my NHL Tiebreaker:

1. Less GP

2. More Wins (Regulation/Overtime/Shootout)

3. More ROW

4. Better Goal Differential

5. More Goals For

6. Points on the Road

7. More Road Wins

8. Points at Home

9. More Home Wins

10. Head to Head points

11. If an uneven number of games are played in between the two clubs, the first game hosted by the team with more home games Head to Head is kicked out. Determined by points

12. Head to Head Goal Differential

13. Head to Head More Goals

14. Tiebreaker Game hosted in a neutral location.


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