Florida Panther March Madness Tournament 2017 (The Puck Under the Sun) Preview

Every Spring, the March Madness NCAA College basketball tournament is played. 68 teams try to win the coveted trophy. Now, I am going to do my own version of the tournament- Panther style. For the next while, every day I will post 2-4 twitter polls for fans to pick who in the matchup is their favorite player. I picked 64 players and organized them into 4 divisions- the Rat, Sun, Stanley and Cat Divisions. The champion of the Rat division plays the Sun division’s champion in the final 4 as well as the Stanley division’s champion against the Cat division’s champion. Here are some important things to know.

It’s Panther player vs Panther player

Fans vote in between the two players (Highest percentage of votes wins)

If there is a tie, I flip a coin, heads it’s the higher seed or higher one on the bracket (Stanley/Rat); Tails its the lower seed or lower one (Sun/Cat) on the bracket.

The length of the twitter poll will vary. For the first two rounds the polls will be 24 hours. For rounds 3 and 4 the polls will be 36 hours. For the final 4, the polls will be 48 hours and the final will last 72 hours.

The schedule I’m posting today is the bracket order. Since I have a lot of activities too, the times I post the polls will vary but will most likely be around 4:30pm ET every day.

This list is subjective. If you feel some players deserved to be on this list and others didn’t, feel free to let me know and I will keep that in mind when I make this tournament next year.

Votes are anyomous as we will use twitter polls and on twitter polls it is anyomous.

My account is @sun_puck

This isn’t selected by stats but by fan favorites

We use March Madness bracket structure

These are the seeds by division:

Rat Division: (1) John Vanbiesbrouck; (2) Aaron Ekblad; (3) Tomas Vokoun; (4) Ed Jovanaski; (5) Brian Campbell; (6) Jay Bouwmeester; (7) Michael Frolik; (8) Dmitry Kulikov; (9) Erik Gudbranson; (10) James Reimer; (11) Craig Anderson; (12) Shawn Matthias; (13) Stu Barnes; (14) Mark Pysyk; (15) Robert Svehela; (16) Dave Lowry

Sun Division: (1) Scott Mellanby; (2) Radek Dvorak; (3) Bill Lindsay; (4) Brian Skrudland; (5) Jonathan Huberdeau; (6) Nick Bjugstad; (7) David Booth; (8) Ed Belfour; (9) Alex Petrovic; (10) Al Montoya; (11) Jose Theodore; (12) Flip Kuba; (13) Tom Fitzgerald; (14) Brandon Pirri; (15) Mark Parrish; (16) Marcus Nilsson

Stanley Division: (1) Roberto Luongo; (2) Jaromir Jagr; (3) Pavel Bure; (4) Peter Worrell; (5) Nathan Horton; (6) Ray Sheppard; (7) Randy Moller; (8) Keith Yandle; (9) Jason Demers); (10) Jason Garrison; (11) Jussi Jokinen; (12) Ray Whitney; (13) Valeri Bure; (14) Gord Murphy; (15) Villie Petholnen; (16) Jonah Garplenov

Cat Division: (1) Olli Jokinen; (2) Stephen Weiss; (3) Paul Laus; (4) Aleksander Barkov; (5) Vincent Trocheck; (6) Tomas Fleischmann; (7) Bryan McCabe; (8) Mark Fitzpatrick; (9) Reilly Smith; (10) Rob Niedermayer; (11) Scott Clemmensen; (12) Kris Versteeg; (13) Viktor Kozlov; (14) Cory Stillman; (15) Joe Niewnedychuk; (16) Shawn Thornton