Week 5 PUTS Prediction Contest Recap, Week 6 Information

Week 5 Recap

Actual Record: 2-0

Name                                                Total                     Week 5 Record     GB

Puck Under the Sun                     9-5                        1-1                           –

KG Panthers                                   8-6                       2-0                          1

Cruising Ray                                   8-6                      1-1                            1

Signups Aren’t too Late

You can still sign up to join our prediction contest. However, you would have to start with an 0-14 record as of the start of this week. The final deadline is to start during week 8.

Week 6

Deadline is on Thursday at 5:00pm ET to make your prediction. You can either tweet, DM, tell me personally or comment on my site your prediction.

The Panthers play the Kings on Thursday at home and the Predators on Saturday on the road.

My Pick: I’m confident with how we have been playing of late and the return of Huberdeau and Barkov will only help. I think we can go 2-0.


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