Panthers find themselves in a similar situation as last year

This year the Panthers went 5-6-1 in their first 12 games. Last year they went 5-4-3 in their first 12. That is only a 2 point difference. In their first 20 games last year they went 8-8-4 in their first 20. They weren’t in a playoff spot then. It prompted Miami Herald beat writer George Richards to write “Panthers playoff hopes aleeady in jeopardy” and my friend Panthers Youtube personality Lucas from Rats on the Ice to say that if the panthers did make the playoffs he would take an ice bath and eat his least favorite food a crouton with hot sauce. Then, the Panthers won 5 in a row, went 1-3 in their next four and went on a 12 game winning streak, lost 4 and won 5. After that stretch of 30 games, the Panthers were inconsistent like they historically have been. If the Panthers can get 9 points in the next 8 games hopefully history will repeat itself. The Panthers have always struggled with winning consistently. However, that is a big key to success. While I don’t think we will ever get another 12 game winning streak, if we can get a few 7-8 game winning streaks then I think we will do well. Another big problem is the injury wave that has hit the forward core. Many Panther Twitter freakouters have very short memories. If the Panthers can get 88 points out of a remaining 140 available points, then they should make the playoffs. That is 62.86% of the amount of points remaining. Last year, the Cats finished with a 62.8% point percentage. That’s not even a 0.1% difference. Our playoff hopes are still alive as long as we start winning consistently. Our longest winning streak so far this year is 2 games. It is still early and the lineup up front is hampered by injuries. This team with these injuries right now is probably a little worse than last year but when Jokinen and Bjugstad get back we will be far better.