Panthers Bits 2: Huberdeau, Broadcasting Camp,

Welcome to another segment of Panthers Bits. Panthers Bits will be more of an opinionated piece than a regular article where I just present the facts and don’t really give my opinion. It’s basically The Panther Prowler with my opinions.  Let’s get started:

Should the Panthers trade Huberdeau if he doesn’t cooperate with an offer?

Jonathan Huberdeau was the 3rd overall pick in 2011. He won the Calder Trophy in 2012-13 A LOCKOUT SHORTENED SEASON. He had a wicked sophomore slump. With line mates Barkov and Jagr he has done well. However Huberdeau has a history of not cooperating with contract negotiations. In fact he didn’t get a bridge deal done until preseason started last year which caused him to slump early on. Now his agent deserves some blame. Alan Walsh is a notorious agent known for tough negotiating. He is known for the Jonathan Drouin fiasco that happened in Tampa.

Now Huberdeau if he doesn’t have a contract by this time next year then the Panthers should start looking for a trade. I feel we could get a big return for Huberdeau.

Broadcasting Camp

Last night I attended the Florida Panthers broadcasting camp and I give it 82,574,195 stars out of 10 stars. It was a great camp. I really learned a lot. Thank you to the Florida Panthers organization for a great night. In fact as soon as I finish up this article I’m going to go upstairs and watch old Panthers highlights and practice my broadcasting.