Logo Rank #29: New Jersey Devils

Refresher: 30- Philadelphia  (58)

New Jersey Devils logo

My 29th favorite logo in the NHL belongs to the New Jersey Devils. Now if you read my Philadelphia Flyers logo review I said I hate logos where usually just the letter stands out or the whole logo is just words. Anyway the Devils logo like the Flyers hasn’t changed much over the years with the exception of the black circle being green before 1992. Anyway the whole thing about the logo that really only stands out is the horns at the top of the N. Anyway I’m glad the Devils just chose to use this logo because a logo looking more like a real devil could scare kids and some adults. So I believe the Devils logo is a more kid friendly logo. I think the Devils should keep this logo as long as they remain named the Devils and I would only change the logo if they changed their trademark. I’m going to give this logo a score from 1-100 a 61.