The Chicago Blackhawks logo isn’t racist

Ok if you have been following my Twitter feed today you know I have made some controversial statements about the Chicago Blackhawks logo. FOR THE LAST TIME IT IS NOT RACIST!!! Listen everyone is so sensitive these days. And I was humiliated in a horrible  blog post by a person who I blocked who was the one most going after me. This is my response to some of these stupid claims from people.

Using Native Americans as trademarks encourages racist behavior- That is the most BS I have heard in my life. I know a ton of Blackhawk fans in fact some of my own realitives are Blackhawk fans and they are not racist.

Your opinion on the logo can hurt people- Yes but you know what really hurts people violent crime. I don’t see anyone trying to put a stop to that. I understand how racism can hurt people but this is just complete garbage.

Go educate yourself Google is free- Ok my IQ is very high. I’m not posting my exact score but I know what the hell I’m talking about.

There have been tons of way more offensive names that have been used like the Redskins and there was once a high school that used a trademark that was a racist term for Chinese people. Also FSU has a Seminole mascot and there cheer is a chop which is very offensive to people killed in the Native American wars.

Also I conducted a poll on Twitter today so far out of 14 votes 71% say the logo is not racist. Go ahead call me a bad guy but I have an opinion and it is complete and utter BS to bash someone’s opinion unless it is very harmful to the human race. I had to put up this article because people forced me.

2 thoughts on “The Chicago Blackhawks logo isn’t racist

  1. I agree the name isn’t racist. I just think it’s confusing. The team was named after Black Hawk, a Native American of the Sauk Nation who sided with the British in some war forever ago. But it was just one guy. Black Hawk. There were never any Hawks. So changing the name to the plural for purposes of naming a team is sort of wonky. Same thing with the Leaf/Leaves thing in TO.

    Very impressive blog for a 12 year old by the way!


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