Statistical Predictions for 9 Forwards we know will make the NHL in 2016-17

These are some statistical predictions I have for the nine forwards I know will make it in 2016-17. They are Barkov, Huberdeau, Jagr, Jokinen, Trocheck, Smith, Bjugstad, MacKenzie and Thornton.

Aleksander Barkov- (70-75 Games, 30-32 Goals, 30-35 Assists, 60-67 Points)- Barkov might have a little injury trouble again but not really bad. I think he will get over the 30 goal plateau for the first time in his career. He will also have an equal amount of assists.

Jonathan Huberdeau- (75-80 Games, 15-22 Goals, 38-45 Assists, 53-67 Points)- Huberdeau will have another good year. He will have similar stats to last year with a little climb.

Jaromir Jagr- (70-82 Games, 18-27 Goals, 30-40 Assists, 48-67 Points)- I think Jagr will decline a little this year and will be healthy scratched a little bit to save up energy for the playoffs. Jagr is still however not going to have a big fall. I expect him not to get as many points this year as he did last year but I don’t see him falling under 45 points.

Vincent Trocheck (75-82 Games, 21-28 Goals, 24-32 Assists, 45-60 Points)- Trocheck should have the same magic he did last year and will make a little bit of a climb but I don’t see him breaking 60 points or 30 goals.

Jussi Jokinen (75-82 Games, 10-20 Goals, 31-45 Assists, 41-65 Points)- I expect Jokinen to have a really similar season to what he had last year.

Reilly Smith (78-82 Games, 19-30 Goals, 21-31 Assists, 40-61 Points)- Smith will be another player who has a very similar season to what he had last year. I expect some improvement though.

Nick Bjugstad (68-80 Games, 17-29 Goals, 21-35 Assists, 38-64 Points)- Bjugstad will be the comeback kid next year. I expect him to tie or at least be within a couple of goals of his 24 goal marker in 2014-15. He should also get a ton of assists too. I have a very wide range for him because he is very unpredictable. He seemed to wake up late in the season but remember what happened in Game 5 of Double OT where he hurt his head. He would’ve comeback for a Game 7 (which didn’t happen because Trocheck was Tripped) but still who knows how he would’ve played in that game.

Derek MacKenzie (60-80 Games, 2-8 Goals, 6-10 Assists, 8-18 Points)- D-Mac should do the same as what he did last year.

Shawn Thornton (35-57 Games, 0-2 Goals, 0-2 Assists, 0-4 Points)- Obviously Thorty will sit a lot again and I do not see him passing 5 points.