Superk116 Hockey Writeup 1 (June 11, 2016)

This is a thing I will do each Saturday where I will host special guests and talk to them about hockey. If you are on Twitter and are interested in being on the next Hockey Writeup please Direct Message me at @sun_puck. I will have 1 to 3 guests per hockey Writeup. Think of it as a Hockey Show only with no video just written out in a blog format.

Superk116: Welcome to Superk116’s first ever Hockey Writeup. Today’s special guest is the mastermind behind The Puck Under the Sun’s logo Cheeseart1235.

Cheeseart1235: It’s great to be here

Superk116: It’s great to have you. I have some art questions for you, then we will talk about hockey.

Cheeseart1235: Right on man

Superk116: First of All, What inspired you to create this logo for The Puck Under the Sun?

Cheeseart1235: I thought it would be funny to make a puck at the beach under the warm sun with suntan lotion and getting a tan.

Superk116: That’s great. Hockey down south in environments like these, it’s good to do some sort of logo that has to do with the local area. Down here in warm sunny Florida it’s a great idea to embrace the Floridian Spirit. Now this question is about both hockey and art. What is your opinion on the new Florida Panthers logo?

Cheeseart1235: I like how they made the Panther look strong and fierce. I like how it says Florida or Panthers on the top of the crest.

Superk116: You are an incredible artist. Who or what inspired you to do art?

Cheeseart1235: When I was little, my dad and I always watched a famous artist on YouTube named Bob Ross create his paintings. I wanted to be just like him and when I was in Pre-K one of the counselors had paper plates and she would get us some strings and we would dip the strings in paint and rub them on paper and it was fun and it made me want to do art from that point.

Superk116: Let’s move onto hockey. On Thursday night, the Sharks got a huge victory on the brink of elimination aganist the Pittsburgh Penguins on the road. The Shark Tank is one of the most formidable atmospheres in the NHL. Do you think the Penguins with star talent such as Crosby, Kessell, Murray, Malkin and others who are leading the charge can win the cup in San Jose aganist the hot Martin Jones and the players who just broke scoring droughts in Couture and Pavelski or will the series go back to Pittsburgh for a Game 7?

Cheeseart1235: I think the Penguins are worthy of winning the cup and will win in Game 6 and throughout the season they have made progress.

Superk116: I think the Sharks will win in San Jose and Pittsburgh will win in Game 7. Do you think San Jose goalie Martin Jones will be the difference maker again like he was in game 5?

Cheeseart1235: I think he will realize how important the win is and he will win the cup. He will be stopping all the pucks.

Superk116: I think he played with that mentality in Game 5. Now Cheeseart1235, I know you are not a hockey fan but you will watch the Panthers from time to time. Would you watch the cup if the Panthers had made it to the Finals?

Cheeseart1235: Definitley

Superk116: Thank you for your time.

Cheeseart1235: Thanks for having me.

Superk116: Next Saturday will be the next Superk116 Hockey Writeup. If you are interested in being on this Writeup, please direct message me on Twitter at @sun_puck. Goodbye for now.