Why the Panthers should not trade for Malkin

Rumors have come out recently that Pittsburgh Penguins stud Evengi Malkin could be traded. One team leading in the rumors is the Florida Panthers. I do not think we will or should acquire Malkin. Here are various reasons why.

1. His Cap Hit: Malkin makes $9.5 Million a year. That’s more than Crosby makes. For a team that is currently over the salary cap and a lot of upcoming stars who will start making big money, the Cats can’t afford Malkin

2. The return would be too much: If the Panthers try to trade for Malkin, they will have to give up too much. Names such as Jonathan Huberdeau have popped up. Huberdeau has one of the most gifted passes in the game. Bjugstad flourished with him and when Huberdeau left to play with Barkov and Jagr, Bjugstad struggled. Other names such as Smith have popped up as well. Why give up one of our best goal scorers? I’m comfortable with the team we have.

3 Malkin has done nothing in the Playoffs: Malkin had a great regular season but he has done nothing in the Playoffs. I wouldn’t go after someone who collapses in the playoffs. We need someone who thrives in the playoffs.

4 Malkin is Injury Prone: Despite having a great season, Malkin has suffered various injuries over his career. He is very injury prone. Our best player, Aleksander Barkov is already too injury prone, we need someone who can play at least 75 games a season who is a star.

These are the four reasons the Panthers don’t need Malkin.