May 7, 2016 Open Forum Rules

On Saturday, May 7, 2016 at 4pm ET,  The Puck Under the Sun will have an open forum to talk about the Panthers on Twitter. All tweets will be posted on The Puck Under the Sun. The Forum will last 1 hour. Anyone is welcome to join. Just use #PUTSOpenForum. The Puck Under the Sun respects people’s privacy and for that reason will not use the tweeter’s username when posting tweets on here, however if you would like for your username to be seen on The Puck Under the Sun please tell us and we will post your username. Here are the rules:

No Profanity- The Puck Under the Sun does not tolerate profanity and anyone who uses it will be asked politely to stop using profanity. If the profanity continues, they will be blocked and\or reported. The profanity if anyone uses it will not be put on The Puck Under the Sun.

Be Respectful of Other’s Opinions- If you disagree with someone’s opinion please in a polite way disagree with them don’t go out and start a Twitter Fight. Just be respectful. If any fights erupt then we will politely ask you to leave the stream or to quit fighting and the tweets will not be posted.

No Inappropriate Pictures- There is Zero Tolerance for Inappropriate Pictures in this stream. If anyone does post an inappropriate picture ,  they will be asked to remove it within  5 minutes. If they do not remove the picture in 5 minutes they will  be reported and\or blocked. Remember I’m 12 years old That’s what it says in the About Page and it’s true. The pictures will not be posted if they are inappropriate.

Thank you for reading these rules. If you have any questions you can comment or reach out to us on Twitter. Our username is @sun_puck