Special Teams Need Improvement

I’m not going to be soft on our Special Teams I’m just going to lay out the bottom line here: Our Special Teams Suck. We need our Special Teams to be better if we are going to get past the first round of the playoffs. We were lucky to get in this year thanks to solid 5 on 5 play due to our Power play which is in the league’s cellar and the Penalty Kill isn’t much better. Gallant and his coaching staff have only one problem- ever since Gallant, Kelly and Madden came here our Special Teams have been at the bottom. Whoever is in charge of the Special Teams no offense needs to be replaced. Good teams have great Special Teams. The Washington Capitals have a killer power play that dominated the Flyers. Our Power play has not looked good throughout the season. Our PK has had its moments but it needs improvement. We need our Special Teams to be in at least the Top Half of the league if we are to win the cup. The Islanders killed us on Special Teams. If teams can somehow draw penalties or keep taking penalties all game long we’re screwed because we don’t have good Special Teams. That needs to be near the top of the list in management stuff this offseason. Getting a better Special Teams.