If I had a choice this is where each AHL team would be located

With the Portland Pirates moving to Springfield I have made my own picks to relocate AHL teams. Each AHL team will be in the same province/state as its NHL affiliate. Here they are:

Anaheim Ducks: San Diego, California: The AHL team is already located there so no worries.

Arizona Coyotes: Tuscon, Arizona: The Coyotes AHL team is already moving there

Boston Bruins: Springfield, Massachusetts: If the AHL really wants a team in Springfield they should have the Boston Bruins affiliate there.

Buffalo Sabers:  Rochester, New York: I think that is where Buffalo’s affiliate is.

Calgary Flames: Medicine Hat, Alberta- It’s in Southern Alberta and in my opinion would make a fabulous city for a Flames affiliate.

Carolina Hurricanes: Charlotte, North Carolina- Already there.

Chicago Blackhawks- Rockford, Illinois- Already there.

Colorado Avalanche- Boulder, Colorado- It’s close to Denver and it would make an awesome team name like the Boulder Boulders or Colorado Boulders.

Columbus Blue Jackets- Dayton, Ohio- Sounds like a good place for an AHL team

Dallas Stars- Houston or San Antonio, Texas- This is a no brainer. There is no hockey in Houston so why not relocate the Texas Stars there. Or you could buy the existing San Antonio Rampage from the Colorado Avalanche.

Detroit Red Wings- Grand Rapids, Michigan- Already there

Edmonton Oilers- St Albert, Alberta- It’s close to Edmonton and I think it is a good idea.

Florida Panthers- Orlando, Florida- I think it’s a good idea to put an AHL team in Orlando. They have basketball and a ton of theme parks. Why not hockey?

Los Angeles Kings- Bakersfield, California- I know there is an AHL team in Bakersfield but I think it’s Edmonton’s affiliate. Send the affiliate to LA.

Minnesota Wild- Minneapolis, Minnesota- I think this is a no brainer. The Wild play in St Paul and Minneapolis has no team. A good idea would be to send the AHL team to Minneapolis.

Montreal Canadiens- Quebec City, Quebec- I think it is a good idea to move to Quebec  City for a few years until Quebec finally gets a franchise. But in the meantime they can enjoy the Canadiens AHL team and John Scott if he stays with Montreal.

Nashville Predators- Memphis, Tennessee- I picked Memphis because it already has an NBA team and the AHL team can use it as an ice rink.

New Jersey Devils- New Brunswick, New Jersey- I didn’t have a lot of good options in New Jersey so I just picked this.

New York Islanders- Albany, New York- The Devils affiliate is already there so just change it to the Islanders

New York Rangers- Syracause, New York- Syracause is the Lightning’s affiliate so change it up.

Ottawa Senators- Kingston, Ontario- I was going to do Hamilton but that was too far so I picked Kingston.

Philadelphia Flyers- Hershey, Pennsylvania- I like the idea of an AHL team in Hershey but I think it should be the Flyers affiliate not the Capitals

Pittsburgh Penguins- Wilkes-Barre Scranton, Pennsylvania- Already there.

San Jose Sharks – San Fransico, California- Move the Sharks AHL team to a closer city which is San Francisco.

St Louis Blues- Kansas City, Missouri- I think a team in Kansas City would be a great idea.

Tampa Bay Lightning- Tallahasee, Florida- An AHL team in the Panhandle sounds like a good idea to me and Jacksonville is too far away from Tampa.

Toronto Maple Leafs- Toronto, Ontario- Already there.

Vancouver Canucks- Surrey, British Columbia- I think this is a good idea because it’s close to Vancouver.

Washington Capitals- Richmond, Virgina- It was ethier this or Baltimore and Richmond is a far superior city.

Winnipeg Jets- Brandon, Manitoba- The only other big city in Manitoba should serve as Winnipeg’s affiliate.

I chose cities in the same state/province to cut down on travel. Do you agree with my list? Please comment.