My thoughts on the latest mockup of the new logo

I’m just going to be plain with you. The logo released by uniwatch is mediocre at best. In my opinion I think they are just doing it to sell merchandise. Anyway it looks like the Interstate Highways Signs with a Panther in it. Sure it looks realistic but I prefer the cartoony version of it. I think the logo will fail and they will bring back the old one by 2025. Hopefully I’ll learn to like the new logo. My mom did spend a lot of money this year to buy me a New Panthers jersey of the soon to be old logo. I also have a ton of Panther hats and merchandise. So I really didn’t want the logo to change. This logo just makes me feel worse. Anyway on a scale of 1-10 1 being mindblowingly horrible 10 being mindblowingly awesome it’s around a 3. The soon to be old logo was a 10.