Veteran Struggles

One of the many reasons we are behind in the series is because veterans such as Jagr, Campbell, Hudler and Jokinen are struggling. Here are insights into each of their struggles:

Jaromir Jagr (27 Goals, 66 Points in Regular Season)- Jagr had an incredible year but he is struggling in the playoffs. Here are probable reasons why. The playoffs are too intense for him or he has an 80 game limit a season. Jagr is trying though.

Jussi Jokinen (18 Goals, 60 Points in Regular Season)- Jokinen hasn’t been bad he’s just been quiet.

Jiri Hudler- This trade deadline pickup isn’t paying off. He has not done well. Hudler might need a scratch to get going.

Brian Campbell- Campbell was one of the best in +\- in the Regular Season. He has like a -5 in the playoffs.

Our young guys like Barkov, Smith and Bjugstad can’t hold down the fort forever these guys need to step up.