SCP Game 5 Recap: April 22nd-23rd vs. NY Islanders

NY Islanders 2        Florida 1            2OT

Goals: Nielsen, Barkov, Quine

My 3 Stars: Greiss, Islanders Defense, Quine\Petrovic

Effort points: Offense: 8      Defense: 8       Goaltending: 8       Overall: 8


Well it was a tough day for me yesterday. My phone broke, I forgot my math binder at home, I had something and didn’t get home to watch the game until the third period and the Panthers lost. It’s even worse when you lose in double overtime with like 4:00 to go in it and it’s a key game. We could’ve ended it in OT if Barkov hadn’t missed. Well there is a couple of excuses for that. He is a 20 year old kid in a pressure situation so it got to him. He had a penalty shot. Now MacKenzie took a penalty in 2OT and some guy tripped Trocheck preventing him from getting back in time to help stop Quine from scoring only the stupid refs didn’t call it. Lu did well but he missed an easy save on Quine. Bjugstad left the game with a cut on his face in Double Overtime after a freak accident sent his head into the hard part of the boards. Well it was a nerve-racking game. Barkov got a beauty from Petrovic. Greiss played outstanding. The refs were biased against us again. Well we have some good news. Trocheck came back and we do well with our backs pushed against the wall. However there is a lot of bad news. Bjugstad is out (however he might be ok) and we lost. But this was the first game where Tavares didn’t get a point. Good job guys I barely saw him. I will have more articles out today soon.