Sunday Random Topic 1: New Log

Welcome to Sunday Random Topic # 1. Every Sunday I will write about a random topic related to the Panthers. Today’s topic is the new logo. I’ve seen the model that some logo site created using George Richards’ description. I think it’s good but not as good as the current logo. I really liked the old blue alternate jerseys so I was sad when those left. Now from 2010-12 I was a big Florida Marlins fan. To set things straight I liked the Florida Marlins not the Miami Marlins. I stopped being a fan midway through the 2012 season for various reasons but it started with the logo change. Their new logo is awful (the Marlins). So that leaves me a bit concerned about the Panthers. The logo change like the Marlins logo change could spell the end for my fanship as a Panthers fan. I doubt that will happen though since I love hockey. I just hope the new logo doesn’t bother me at all. Also by the time I left the Marlins they had basically traded the whole team away from the start of the year. Plus baseball was starting to get boring. I need to get used to the lineup at the start of the year. If it changes really drastically then I might leave. I doubt Dale Tallon will trade away the whole team in one year. I just don’t want to see too many guys leave. This year we only lost Pirri to a trade and Bolland to an injury. I hope the new logo is good. I can’t wait to see it to see if it’s better than the soon to be old one or if it’s worse. The good news is that in 2017-18 the old logo is coming back as an alternate so I still have my Panthers merchandise with the correct logo meaning the alternate. My dad thinks this is just for marketing and in a few years the soon to be old logo will be back if everyone hates the new logo. I’ll post a poll sometime this week to get your feelings about the logo. Sunday Random Topic #1 out.