Keys to Game 3 Round 1

Here are the Panthers’ keys to the game for Game 3 @ NY Islanders (8pm NBCSN, FSF)

  1. Shut down John Tavares– John Tavares has been a wrecking machine in this series. He has 2 goals, 2 assists and 11 Shots on Goal including 9 in Game 2. Tavares is a legitimate threat. He got 70 points in 79 games. He can be as dangerous as Stamkos. We need to limit him to no more than 3 shots on goal and no points.
  2. Get the Top Line a Goal- So far the top line has gotten 0 goals, 2 assists (Huberdeau and Barkov have one each). They are buzzing. They need a goal, then they will be a huge dominance.
  3. Offense needs to play like they did in game 1, Defense as they played in game 2 – The Panthers offense dominated game 1 but weren’t as dominant in game 2. They need to go back to as they played in game 1. Game 1 was a nightmare for the Defense. They need to play as they did in game 2.
  4. Turn the Barclays Center into the BB&T Center- That means win this game and set the tone at the Barclays Center that it’s the Panthers ground by winning.