Around the League: Pierre Luc-Dubois’s Effort Last Night is an Embarrassment to the NHL

In case you didn’t know, former 3rd overall pick C Pierre Luc-Dubois wants out of Columbus. The 22 year old Quebec native is supposed to be the #1 forward on the Blue Jackets roster, but only played 3:55 last night against the Lightning in an Overtime loss, after being benched for one of the worst efforts I’ve ever seen in NHL history on a shift. He doesn’t even try on this shift and Coach John Tortorella rightfully benched him. Dubois’s antics are a cardinal sin that cannot be forgiven. He let down his teammates, he let down his team’s fans and he let down his team’s management. This must be punished further. I’m outraged and I could care less since I’m not a Jackets fan, so I can’t imagine how they feel. Tens of thousands of kids across Canada in each age cohort give up their weekends, their free time and a ton of money just to hope to sniff the major junior leagues. Those few that get there then must keep that grind up in order to get a sniff at the NHL draft and even then it’s a long road to the NHL. The NHL is where the cream of the crop play and for a player as talented as Pierre Luc-Dubois to put in such an effort like he did is an insult to the sport itself. Hundreds of thousands of people would do anything to have his spot and he’s just wasting it. Worst part is that he’s being compensated handsomely for wasting his gift. In my opinion, such an effort no matter how talented means that he doesn’t deserve another second of NHL ice time. There are millions of players out there, even though they have nowhere near Dubois’s skill, they’d still do better on the ice in that situation than him because they’d actually try