2019 NHL Mock Draft V1, P2

Note: I know I already published the first 6 picks of my mock draft and I did but I lost all of my data for the other 9 picks. After reviewing, I’ve decided the Top 6 picks will stand but the next 9 will have to be remade.

7- Buffalo Sabres

Matthew Boldy (Winger)

Country: USA

Stats: USAU18 Team-  64 GP, 33-38-81

Well bad news for Matthew Boldy. He is going to Buffalo where prospects have struggled mightily. The only two high end prospects that have become legit NHL good players are Eichel and Dahlin who were both hyped as massive talents. Buffalo is a young team and Boldy is going to be going to Boston College. Jeff Skinner will likely move on leaving Jack Eichel as the only legitimate forward on the roster. I can see Boldy easily fitting in the top 6 in Buffalo before he is relegated to a miserable career on an underperforming Buffalo team until he gets the sweet escape of free agency or a trade. Knowing Buffalo, he’ll be a big hit at college, Sabres will quickly sign him and bring him up before he is ready ruining his development.

Projected Arrival: 2020-21 (2022-23 if Buffalo properly develops him)

Future: 3rd Line Winger (Could be a Top 6 winger if developed properly)


8- Edmonton Oilers

Trevor Zegras (Center)

Country: USA

Stats: USAU18 Team- 60 GP 26-61-87

Another American talent with great potential who will likely be ruined by a team that has no idea how to develop their players. The Oilers have failed to develop talent properly and often times they will trade them away causing said talent to suddenly become elite (Hall, Eberle, Barzal pick, etc.). Zegras is going to Boston University. Like Buffalo with Boldy, Zegras will shine in college, Edmonton will sign him, rush him up and ruin his development. While Buffalo is usually able to get decent NHL performers, Edmonton’s development is far worse. Look at Jesse Puljujarvi. Zegras will be stuck playing second fiddle to the best player in the league until McDavid ultimately leaves in free agency or demands a trade.

Projected Arrival: 2020-21 (2021-22 if Edmonton develops him properly)

Potential: 2nd Line Center


9- Anaheim Ducks

Kirby Dach (Center)

Country: Canada

Stats: Saskatoon (WHL) 62  25-48-73

Kirby Dach enters the Anaheim organization as the Ducks begin to rebuild. As Getzlaf, Kesler and Perry fade out, a new generation will emerge led by Richard Rakell, Sam Steel, Maxime Comotois and others along with Dach. Dach is the heir to Getzlaf. While not as solid defensively as the longtime captain, Dach will be a critical part of the new Ducks.

Projected Arrival: 2022-23

Potential: 1st Line Center

Just in case of a mistake, I have to publush now because I have to go work on other things. I’ll try to finish this when I get home.