Options to Replace Vincent Trocheck

Well the unfathomable has happened. Vincent Trocheck is out long term with a leg injury. Trocheck joins Jamie McGinn and Derek Mackenzie on the long term shelf. Let’s look at some options to fill in the hole.

William Nylander

Nylander has 10 days to resign with the Leafs otherwise he will not be able to play this year. The 22 year old has put up 61 points in both of his full seasons in the NHL. Despite being a winger, the Panthers have depth to shift around. Nick Bjugstad could move to center and Nylander could join the wing on the line. The Panthers would have to either offersheet Nylander or trade for him but the cost would be steep.

Likeability: Only in a dream

Denis Malgin

The 21 year old was sent down to Springfield Sunday. Malgin has consistently been on the NHL roster the past two years. Malgin has 5 points in 14 games in the bigs this year. It is unlikely Malgin will just slide right in on the 2nd line but a variety of changes will probably put him back at center. George Richards said Malgin is probably the most likely callup.

Likeability: Definitely most likely

Henrik Borgstrom

The 2016 1st round pick is averaging a point per game in AHL Springfield. Borgstrom just missed the cut and the Panthers want to bring him up when he is ready. I think he is ready for the big time and he is a natural center. Borgstrom would make the most sense.

Likeability: 50/50

Either way replacing Trocheck is a daunting task. He is coming off a career high 75 point season and he has 14 points in 18 games this season. I think it’s safe to say that he is done for the year. This injury is career threatening probably and the best to him and I wish him a speedy recovery.