Thank You for 10,000 views and the future of this site.

Dear Everyone,

Thank you so much for visiting The Puck Under the Sun. When I started this site 27 months ago, I never expected to get anywhere close to 10,000 and I never expected a large following on twitter too. It means a lot to me that my posts have been read so many times. Thank you all so much for your support. I would also like to thank others for helping me. Special thanks to Alex Mesa for helping me with this blog and also writing for when I can’t fill in. Thanks to Ray Haluska for his great advice and help. Also thanks to Danny Janicas and the guys over at The Rat Trick for a great opportunity to better myself as a writer last summer. Thanks a lot to Brett Markowitz and Cats on the Prowl for giving me advice in my early days. Thanks to Lucas Gregairey and his YouTube Channel Rats on the Ice for helping me get the launchpad I needed to reach my twitter friends. Thanks to the Florida Panthers organization especially Doug Cifu and Thomas Drance for their support. But thanks the most to you guys the readers of this site. I would’ve never gotten here without you guys. I am very excited for the future of this blog and I can’t wait for October.

Now that we are here I want to talk about the future of this site. I would like to get a few more writers so we can publish posts everyday without wearing any individual writer out. However during the offseason, I won’t be writing as much due to lack of topics and other things. I usually also take a hiatus in late August- early September to get used to being back in school. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to write as I enter high school which is a whole different ball game. I will work things out as I’m excellent at time management. I want to thank everyone who has joined me on this journey so far and welcome to all of the newcomers. It has been a lot of fun working on this site and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Go Cats!