Exploring Trade Scenarios for the Panthers

There are a lot of rumors going on like usual. Names like Max Pacioretty, Erik Karlsson and others are rumored to be traded by their teams. There are some big free agents too. Here are a few trade scenarios:

John Tavares Contract Rights

The Islanders trade the contract rights to John Tavares to the Florida Panthers in exchange for Anthony Greco, Nick Bjugstad and conditional draft picks.

Draft Pick Conditions
If Tavares signs with Panthers before draft- 15th Overall Pick and a 2019 2nd
If Tavares signs with Panthers between draft and July 1st- 2019 2nd and 2020 2nd
If Tavares signs with Panthers after July 1st- 2019 3rd
If Tavares doesn’t sign with Panthers- Panthers get Bjugstad back and give the Islanders a 2019 5th

This trade is very complicated. Anthony Greco has been good in the AHL and could help the Islanders Bottom 6. Bjugstad could help them out. However Bjugstad had a good year last year and you don’t want to give him up for nothing. I don’t know the rules but if Bjugstad isn’t allowed to go back if Tavares doesn’t sign then the Islanders would give the Panthers a 2020 3rd rounder and the Panthers don’t give up any picks.

Max Pacioretty

The Canadiens trade Max Pacorietty to the Florida Panthers in exchange for the 15th overall pick, Nick Bjugstad and a conditional 2019 2nd round draft pick.

If Pacorietty plays in less than 60 games the Panthers give up a 2019 3rd instead.
If the Panthers miss the playoffs and Pacorietty scores less than 20 goals and 40 total points if he plays in 70+ games , the Panthers give up a 2019 3rd.
With the exception of these conditions the Panthers will give up a 2019 2nd round pick

This trade is simpler. These conditions are clearer and I think it is a fair deal. Montreal gets a 1st rounder, 2nd or 3rd rounder and Bjugstad who will fill in a much needed center role.

Erik Karlsson

The Senators trade Erik Karlsson to the Panthers for Aaron Ekblad

This is the only scenario I think we get Karlsson and we would have to give up picks but I wouldn’t make this deal.