Why taking out Mamin is a bad idea

With the return of Denis Malgin, Maxim Mamin has been taken out of the lineup. While taking a guy out who only has 2 goals in 16 games may seem logical, Mamin has had a huge impact. The team is 13-1-2 with him in the lineup. You don’t want to mess with that. Mamin will likely suit up down the stretch. I see him alternating with Jamie McGinn. However McGinn had a solid game on Saturday and deserves a chance tonight. However here is an example. When I play NHL 18 sometimes my team will win more if I play a 78 overall winger over an 82 overall winger. The 82 is better individually but the 78 is better with the team. This is just my two cents. Malgin will need to regain his stride and hopefully we will have three scoring lines starting tonight.