Panthers Fans Getting Too Hyped Up about Sateri

Yes, we all see that our amazing young talented Goalie Harri Sateri is on a nice run as the Panthers goalie and yes you just have to love his skill and talent. But South Florida I have learned my lessons about these  goalies having good stretches because everytime they do and I get so hyped we have the chance to make the playoffs,  they start  slumping and you never hear his name on NHL Network again. Sorry Panthers fans but it’s just the truth. With the length of the season and the way it is, consistency is key and vital in this league and the Panthers just haven’t gotten that, especially at the goalie position.

At the beginning of the season, we were all asking how Luongo was going to do and how the 2 Goalie rotation was going to work out. The Panthers had a pretty good start to the season knocking off some top quality teams. Then the Luongo injury came along and Reimer steps in net as the main starter and towards the middle of the season leads the Panthers on our longest win streak of the year, then has a slump, gets injured, so it’s “next man up”.

So now comes Harri Sateri. He’s been on a roll the past couple of games and he is the newest Panthers goalie everybody is talking about. Now let me make it clear that I’m not saying Sateri is going to get hurt nor am I wishing that on him. I’m just saying that goalies like Reimer and Sateri aren’t used to playing every night or every other night for that matter for such a long season and it takes atoll on them. So don’t get too happy with Sateri cause a new guy could be knocking on the door anytime soon.

Alex Mesa, 15