Update on my situation regarding tonight’s game

If you guys have been paying attention to my twitter timeline you will know I am planning to attend tonight’s Panthers vs Kings game. I tweeted that I couldn’t access the tickets and I was having issues. The issues have been resolved thanks in large part to the Florida Panthers twitter and ticket team. However I just want to explain what happened:

Back in November my parents bought me a holiday pack. However the tickets weren’t printed right away. Instead there was a very confusing situation. Thankfully with the first game aganist the Flames I had kept a piece of paper that helped me access things. However I lost that paper. Ticketmaster for some reason does not have the holiday pack purchase in their records I think. I wasn’t able to access a way to print the tickets last night. When I went to all of the menus like print my tickets or your orders the tickets the tickets weren’t there. However the Florida Panthers ticket staff and my dad were able to get the tickets. I will be attending the game tonight. However ticketmaster was a terrible inconvenience. This is one of the reasons why the Florida Panthers are a very classy organization.