Panthers will make the playoffs- Counter argument to Superk’s article

,Earlier this week, our head writer Superk wrote a counter argument to my article that the Florida Panthers will make the playoffs. He says that the Panthers will not make it to the playoffs. You can read his points in the link. I’m here to defend my piece. I’m going to keep remaining optimistic that the Panthers can and will make the playoffs. Here is why:

Point 1: The statement Hoffman is not enough is false and incorrect. While Hoffman’s stats have not been the best this season, he is in his 7th season in the NHL which is more then many of the young players on this Panthers team. He has been to the playoffs multiple times, including making it to the Conference Finals last season. Hoffman’s veteran presence can provide a big spark to the team and could bring the little boost to the offense that could help this team would be in good shape for a playoff run.

Point 2: Yes James Reimer’s injury is significant but this is a young team and with the injury it is rough but Luongo should be back soon even though he hasn’t been the best even before his injuries his presence should be great.

Even after all this I am going to go ahead and admit defeat… Panthers won’t make the playoffs but they will be in the race for a playoff spot down the stretch.


Alex Mesa, 15