James Reimer is the future at goalie for the Panthers

James Reimer’s play the past couple of games have convinced lots of people including me that James Reimer is the goalie of the future for the Florida Panthers. During the past 5 game win streak (Before we lost 5-1 to the Wild last night) he was outstanding by posting a .966 SV% 1.20 GAA and 2 shutouts. Some may say that he isn’t the future and that the Panthers should look elsewhere because of performances like giving up 7 goals to the Avalanche last month. But you must understand the grind of game in game out, even Dominik Hasek who is arguably one of the NHL’s greatest goalies of all time had games where he let up 7 goals. I’m not trying to compare Reimer to Hasek but what I’m saying is Reimer is a guy with great talent and with Bobby Lu starting to slowly fade away with multiple injuries already this season it’s just about that time to commit to Reimer as our future goalie.

Another reason we should believe in Reim Time or Optimus Reim is during that 5 game win streak we played some pretty decent teamd that Reimer was able to shut down (Coyotes, Wild, Senators, Flyers, and the Canadiens) even though only 1 of those teams are legitimately in contention for the playoffs, they have players who are high goal scorers each and every season and during the Flyers game Voracheck didn’t score and had 29 saves and a .935 SV% and only allowing 2 goals in a 3-2 win against a team that has lots of goal scorers on the team. I believe Reimer is the goalie of the future for the Panthers.

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Alex Mesa