The Panthers Defense is Lacking Energy

The Florida Panthers lost again last night because of the other team scoring more goals than an acceptable amount. The Florida Panthers defensive lines just can’t seem to click which in addition to bad play by goalie James Reimer has led to the Panthers allowing 15 goals this week. The Columbus Blue Jackets scored 7 goals on the Florida Panthers last night. The Panthers really need to find a way to bond together as a team especially as a defense and stop these games where they let up an unacceptable amount of goals.

The Panthers have the Hurricanes, Sabers, and Devils this upcoming week and they need these points to stay competitive in the Atlantic division. Right now it seems like the Tampa Bay Lightning are running away with the division. There is only one way this team can get those points. That is by tightening up the defense. The offense has been very solid so far but the defense is costing this team. Once the defense is fixed, this team could be scary good. Go Cats!

Alex Mesa